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Listen To Your Inner Voice To Find Your Purpose, Happiness, And Inner Peace

I was lost.

For the first 20 years of my life, I was following trends.

Playing the people game.

What would make me rich?

How can I prove everyone else wrong?

Why was life harder for me than anyone else?

I labeled myself an introvert, quiet, reserved.

Listened to my friends, family, & people who I allowed to put negative crap in my brain.

Put myself in a box by listening to everyone else’s opinion besides my own.

It started to weigh on my self-worth.

I was selfish.

I manifested horrible relationships and work environments.

The only place I found peace was in the gym.

I discovered if I trained like a maniac, I would finally feel good about myself.

My endorphins had me in peak mental state.

Little did I know that fitness is a form of meditation.

I started investing in myself.

I discovered who I supposed to be.

Removed all negative people from my life.

Found out that the negative thoughts in my brain we’re not mine.

They were from everyone else.

Learned that the only way I would be happy is by being in the drivers seat of my life.

Had to stop the blame and the bullshit.

Accept that negative people are a natural part of live.

Made a decision to take full ownership of my life and never be a victim.

Introduction: What Is The Voice In Your Head?

What is the voice in your head?

We often call it our inner voice.

It's the voice that tells us what to do and how to feel.

It's the voice that makes us feel good or bad about ourselves and what we do.

It's the voice that tells us what we should say or not say.

It can be your mom, dad, partner, friend, boss, or grandparent.

It is what tells you to stay in your lane.

Tells you what do with your life.

But the voice in your head is wrong.

"I'm not good enough" or any form of negative self-talk is wrong.

Your thoughts dictate your actions and the outcome of any given situation.

As long as we keep in mind that our thoughts are not always the truth, we can find ways to motivate ourselves to do what's best for us - even if it means changing course.

The Voice In Our Heads - How You Can Get Rid Of Negative Self-Talk

Get yourself permission to get our of survival mode.

Learn how to meditate.

Be selfish and take time out of each day to invest in your mind & body.

Learn to label your thought as either good or bad.

Recognize where these thoughts came from.

Listen to your inner guru.

Next start practicing gratitude.

Think about what you are grateful for in life, and take time every day to list them out.

You can start by writing them down or saying them out loud.

Stop focusing on yourself, focus on being in a state of giving.

Finally stop blaming everyone else for the way you feel, or the thoughts in your head.

You have allowed them to exist.

You have allowed people to dictate your self worth.

Im on your side about the horrible things people may have told you.

But in order to move on you must accept the situation for what it is, heal and move on.

Take full ownership of your mind and you will free.

How To Find Your Calling

Take time for yourself and find out what you love about yourself.

This will help you find your calling.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What gives me energy?

  • What am I good at?

  • What are my strengths?

  • What do I love about myself?

  • What am I passionate about?

  • What were you put on this earth to do?

Do not to put any limitations on yourself.

Cut out out any of the bullshit your friends or family have told you in the past about your goals or ideas.

Trust yourself.

Take time to listen to how your body reacts to an opportunity or a thoughts.

Invest in yourself.

Take the trip, go to the seminar.

Conclusion: How To Listen To Your Inner Voice

Inner voice is the voice of one's conscience.

We live in pain when our soul & our actions do not align.

We all have an inner voice, but it can be difficult to hear it over the noise of life.

1) Identify what your needs are

2) Be honest with yourself

4) Write down what you want

5) Learn to say no

6) Learn when to take a break

7) Take care of yourself

Much love,


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