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Multifamily Real Estate Property Marketing Trends


The multifamily real estate industry is changing. Operators need to be on top of the latest trends in order to keep up with the competition. Here are some insights from my latest apartment marketing research:

Professional Photography

Professional photography is one of the most important tools you can use to attract tenants and sell properties faster.

Professional photography can help you show off a property's location, amenities and quality. It is less expensive than building models or prototypes of a property, but it can still be costly if you don't budget for it! You will likely need to hire a professional photographer who knows how to stage your property in order to make it look as appealing as possible through pictures alone.

On-Site Leasing Staff Website

  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

  • Include a virtual tour of the property, giving prospective tenants a feel for what they can expect when they move in.

  • Include an application form on the home page so potential renters can fill it out and submit it right away. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time by having them fill out multiple forms or wait for you to get back with them after reviewing their information, so this step is crucial in making sure that everyone who has interest gets through the process as quickly as possible.

  • Include a map of the property, showing where exactly it is located within the community (and whether or not there are any hidden fees associated with its location).

User Generated Content

You should be encouraging users to create content about your property and its amenities. This is a great way to emphasize the value of what you’re selling, and it can also help you attract more people who want to live in the area.

Some ways that you can do this:

  • Create a user-generated content contest so that residents can submit their own photos of the property. These are likely to be picturesque shots with plenty of natural light, showing off an attractive environment for prospective renters/buyers/tenants and making it seem like an ideal place for them as well. You could even offer prizes for winning entries!

  • Encourage tenants or homeowners who live at the location in question (or who have lived there recently) to share their experiences with others via social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter by offering small incentives such as gift cards or movie tickets if they post photos/video clips of themselves living there over time. The more information available online about how much fun it is at this location means more people will come check out what all they're missing out on—and more potential customers means more money!

Social Media - Facebook/Instagram

Social media is an essential part of any multifamily marketing plan. Facebook and Instagram are both effective ways to reach your audience, but there are key differences between the two platforms that you should take note of.


  • Is still the most important social media platform when it comes to reaching a general audience in the housing market (both investors and renters). Facebook is a great way to get an overview of what your target market is doing or thinking about, as well as who they might be interacting with on a daily basis. This can help you identify opportunities for cross-promotion, niche targeting, and all other forms of digital advertising.

  • Has more restrictions on content than Instagram does - which makes it harder for third-party vendors like us (eBay Flippers) to provide value by creating engaging ads within Facebook's platform

Social Media Ads - Google/Facebook

You can use Google and Facebook ads to reach potential renters. You can also use them to reach people who are looking to sell their home or rent another property.

The reason why we recommend using both platforms is that they are very cost effective, easy to set up, easy to manage and scalable for apartment owners of all sizes.

In order to be successful, apartment operators need to go beyond the basics of traditional marketing.

In order to be successful, apartment operators need to go beyond the basics of traditional marketing. You should focus on providing a great product and experience, but also take steps to make sure that your property is visible and relevant to potential renters.

You can do this by using these tips:

  • Use a professional photographer

  • Use SEO (search engine optimization) and social media effectively

  • Use user generated content such as videos or photos taken by current residents or visitors onsite at your property. This will help people feel more connected with your location!


The multifamily property industry is changing, and it’s important to stay ahead of trends. In order to be successful in this field, apartment operators need to go beyond the basics of traditional marketing. With new technologies and social media platforms coming out every day, there are endless opportunities for developers and landlords who want their units leased quickly and efficiently.

Pedro Frias

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